Support for our Community


Did you know that...

a donation of $25 provides

• snacks for 25 hungry children at school 

• one hour of tutoring/homework club for up to eight children 

• one hour of phone counseling support

• one folding cane for a client with vision loss 

• one decent change of clothing for an individual to wear to a job interview

• educates 48 people of the stigmas and challenges of living with schizophrenia  

a donation of $120 provides 

 one week of summer camp, including before and after care, for a child or youth in  need 

• one night of safe accommodation for a youth in need 

• one month of pre-school programming for one child 

• two hours of group therapy

• lunch for 87 working homeless people 

a donation of $365 provides 

• lunch for 122 hungry children at school

• a babysitting course for 10 - 15 economically challenged youth

• winter clothing for a small family

• one year of community resources for one woman and her family (life/parenting skills, nutrition, literacy, computer skills)

• provides support for 17 individuals who are making strides to a better life

• new running shoes for 20 children

• provides early detection and intervention for 62 children with developmental disabilities. 

• one month of rent and groceries for a woman and up to two children 

• damage deposit for one homeless family

 • three months of employment workshops 

In reality here is what the Community Fund is doing to make positive change within Pictou County:    


• matched 66 youth with in-school mentors

provide individual, couple, family, group counselling,   and mental health interventions to over 775 individuals
maintain Circle of Friends for 13 children with intellectual disabilities
provide milk and nutritional supplement for 10 young pregnant families
allow for workshops and training for 119 tutors to teach 163 adult students how to read and write
increase afterschool program capacity by over 50%
built an accessible washroom at the New Caledonia Curling Club
taught low income clients all aspects of buying, preparing and delivering nutritional meals
create a safe place for homeless youth to rest, wash, do laundry, and access support programs
provide a listening ear 365 days a year for those who need someone to talk to confidentially and anonymously 

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