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Each year, thousands of people in Pictou County give generously of their time to help raise
funds, participate on Boards and committees, determine how best to invest in our communities,
take part in special events, and support local charities with their knowledge and skills.
Volunteers help because they care and want to create a healthy community for everyone.
If you would like to volunteer with United Way of Pictou County, we have many opportunities
and encourage you to review them below.

If you have interest in volunteering with United Way of Pictou County, sign up!

Volunteer Opportunities with United Way of Pictou County

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is led by a group of volunteers elected to oversee the vision and strategic
direction of the organization. The Membership consists of representatives from a cross-section
from our community and are recruited annually.
The role of the Board is to establish organizational policies, focus on long-term goals, and
manage funds in a fiscally responsible manner. Board members must live in Pictou County, be
knowledgeable about the community, be organized, and committed to making positive change in
our community. The term is for a period of three (3) years but may be reappointed for a further
term or terms.


Community Investment Committee (CIC)

Want to learn more about the important work United Way funds through its agencies to make
Pictou County a better community? Each year this committee of volunteers review agency
funding applications to make funding recommendations to the United Way’s Board of Directors.
CIC plays an important role to ensure donor dollars are spent in accordance with the United Way
funding criteria and are making a measureable difference in our community.
Working with other volunteers who have varied backgrounds, employment experience and
community activity, you will talk with community based agencies to discuss the impact they are
making in the community.

Communications Committee

We’re doing some great things in our community and need people who love to tell stories to tell
ours! The Communications Committee’s role is to help us build and strengthen our relationship
in the community by sharing the stories of how the community’s support is making big impacts
in Pictou County.
Take a day and volunteer with your colleagues, classmates, family or youth group. United Way
matches volunteers with one-day projects at community agencies. You can paint, repair, garden
or help with other projects that need to be done. You can participate as a team from your
workplace or as an individual who will be paired with others who want to make a difference
through direct service!

Special Events

Getting involved with United Way’s special events is fun and easy to do. Thanks to our
awesome volunteers, we have great annual events such as our Golf Tournament, Fire Truck Pull,
& Gingerbread Decorating Party
If you have an idea for a special event, we’d love to hear about it! We’re always looking for fun
and innovative ways to promote what we do and why we do it.

Campaign Management Team

Are you a community leading in the private or public sector? You could be putting your
influence and leadership skills to the test by spearheading a division within the annual campaign. This senior team of seasoned professionals is led by a Volunteer Chair. You would be responsible for recruiting your team of account executives and together you could set a plan in motion to achieve an overall Pictou County goal.

Your contribution commences in the spring with planning meetings, recruitment of your own
team and visits to determine the support for United Way in organizations that currently support
United Way as well as other organizing a campaign for the first time. Members of the Campaign
Management Team meet every few weeks from September to January to monitor progress and
brainstorm opportunities.

Campaign Account Executive

Demonstrate leadership in your community by initiating fundraising campaigns across a number
of workplaces. You will use and build your network of influence while making a measureable
difference in campaign results. Y our commitment amounts to approximately 8-10 hours over a
couple of month in the late spring or early summer. United Way staff provides you with the
tools and information to complete personal visits with business and community leaders. United
Way staff will accompany you on your visits and assist with the follow-up. T his gets you out of
the office and into a community leadership role as you inspire companies to support United Way.

Employee Campaign Coordinator

Employee Campaign Coordinators (ECCs) are the heart and soul of every United Way campaign.
They are the individuals who inspire, motivate and energize their colleagues to get involved in
their organization’s campaign. Whether it’s coordination of a workplace campaign, organizing
an event or encouraging colleagues and friends to give, we couldn’t do what we do without their
Our goal is to make being an ECC as easy and fun as possible, through specialized training
programs and providing the tools to make your campaign a success, we’re here to help.



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