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United Way of Pictou County Funded Agencies

Local non-profit organizations who receive funding from United Way of Pictou County are referred to as United Way of Pictou County Funded Agencies and Funded Partners. Without the financial support of the United Way, many of these agencies’ services would be drastically reduced or would no longer be available.

The following documents list funded agencies, organizations and programs:

2021 Funded Partners

2020 Funded Agencies Impacts

2020 Funded Agencies

2020 Funded Programs

2019 Funded Agencies Impacts

2019 Funded Agencies

2018 Funded Agencies

2017 Funded Agencies

2016 Funded Agencies


If your organization is looking to apply for funding, please take a few minutes to review our funding guidelines:

Click here for 2021 Funding Guidelines.

Applications for funding can be submitted by printing, filling out and returning the Funding Application Form (2021) to the United Way of Pictou County by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Click here for 2021 Application Form

Download Fillable Form


 The United Way of Pictou County is very proud to launch a new 3-Year Food Security Program for Pictou County!

We are very pleased that we are able to offer this new funding opportunity to qualified groups and organizations who are focused on improving food security for vulnerable and marginalized persons in Pictou County.

Please refer to the documents below for details.


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